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No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders.
No sending your money to be held on a centralized exchange. No friction.

What is Coinbex?

Coinbex is an instant one-click cryptocurrency exchanger providing the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market. We are a decentralized noncustodial exchange, meaning we do not hold any of your cryptocurrencies. You send in currency A, and when it is confirmed as received, you then are sent currency B. Pure wallet to wallet encrypted transactions on the blockchain.

How does Coinbex Work?

The Coinbex Exchange Software (CES) manages one of the largest private crypto reserves and is also the hub of all of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as GDAX, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex and Bitfinex. It is the best way to exchange or swap your cryptocurrency coins in just a few clicks with the most profitable rates.

When you place an exchange order, the Coinbex Operating System (COS) transmits the request to the Coinbex reserve. Then, it retrieves the best available rates in milliseconds. Our unique feature on the Coinbex Exchange Platform is the ability to compare the best available rate among other exchangers. When our reserve is running low we can get more cryptos from the top 5 exchangers. Coinbex always has cryptos!

The rates remain approximate until the transaction is actually made on the blockchain. The exchange rate at the time of a transaction may differ slightly from the estimated rate shown when you begin a transaction due to the market volatility.

How to use Coinbex?

No need to jump from exchanger to exchanger, wallet to wallet to swap your coins.
Coinbex works in three simple and fast steps with an easy-to-use web app.

Step 1: Select your cryptocurrencies

In the fields, enter the amount you want to exchange and choose the assets from the currency menu boxes. Then click “Exchange” to proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Enter the receiving address

Next, you will enter the wallet address you are expecting to receive the exchanged coins. When done, you will receive instructions on where to send the funds to be exchanged.

Step 3: Exchange and Receive

Once your funds are received, Coinbex will process the the exchange at the best rate and send them directly to your wallet when it’s done. The entire process takes 5-20 minutes.

For more information or questions you can visit our FAQ page.

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